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Questions & Answer

Here you will find answers to the most common questions. If you have a question, simply send it by email.
Questions are always welcome and I am happy to answer them.

Objectives of the session, meditations and workshops

What is the goal of all my offers?
Very quick and easy spiritual development and direct relief in life.

  • Intensify your connection to the source

  • Removing your legacy burdens

  • Increase your vitality and, as a result, your quality of life

  • Opening yoursMeridians and chakras


Are online sessions as effective as physical sessions?
An experienced teacher, called Guru in Indian, has the ability to transmit the vibration (Shakti, Chi, Ki, Prana, Spirit of God) regardless of time, place or physical contact.

From my experience I can say that it takes three to five sessions to achieve the necessary devotion, depending on the strength of the mind energies present. It takes your full devotion to let the divine spark jump and grow. So give yourself fully, open your heart and trust the process.

Coaching One-on-One | Group meditationsonline and physical
In one-on-one coachingYou have my full attention the whole time. This accelerates and intensifies your processes. In an individual session Your individual issues can be discussed and resolved. There is no discussion of stressful topics in group mediation. Instead, the topics that are on the surface and need to be dealt with are dealt with.

Process of a coaching one on one | online and physical
How each coaching process works is discussed individually in advance. This can vary from time to time, depending on the circumstances and the topic at hand.

Online group meditations on Thursdays & Sunday

  • 7:45 p.m. Login and meditation for you

  • 8:00 p.m. Start, short introduction, then meditation in silence (eyes remain closed throughout meditation)

  • 20:35-20:40 short chant

After the meditation you have the opportunity to provide short feedback and questions about this session.

TeTechnical requirements for online coaching and meditations
You will receive a link to access the Zoom meeting before it begins. You can easily access using these links without having to log in or have your own Zoom account. You can use the link with your laptop, Deiuse a tablet or mobile phone.
The only important thing is that your device has a camera and speakers of some kind.
Your upper body must be visible during the session and we should be able to communicate.
Clothing: Please wear a light-colored top, not black or dark blue.

What can I perceive or feel in my body?
Depending on how open and devoted you are, you may experience physical symptoms such as swinging, vibrating, twitching, or shaking. Or you feel warmth, cold, tingling or enter a trance state. While you have these body perceptions, emotional blocks dissolve. It may also be that you perceive or see light or different colors when your eyes are closed. This bright light is also called the universal light, the light of the highest source that you can see when you are in this particular state of consciousness. You may also receive healing visions or see significant excerpts from past lives. You may also have several of the experiences mentioned.
Please don't be disappointed if you don't experience anything like this, and don't try to achieve or bring about such experiences. Just give yourself fully, without ideas, as ideas can be a limitation in this work. What is meant to happen will happen with or without any perceptions. You can trust and give yourself fully to the process.

The imperfection of the intellect
Not everything you hear or read is ultimately true. All bigen sages taught the deepest lessons through their silent presence, which is beyond time and space. Only when the students failed to receive, bathe in, and dissolve in these unspoken teachings did the sages teach orally or through the written word.

The purpose of such words is to lead you back to that stillness, to the infinite consciousness, the Self, which is God (Self-Realization).
The words are therefore only an aid, not the true substance.

Everything Real is given and received in Silence.
Avatar Meher Baba

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Martin G. Armbruster

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