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Workshop TEAM

Andrea Helfrich supports me in the workshops and transformation weeks in her particularly warm and sensitive way.
The workshop participants benefit from Andrea's compassionate support as they go through their processes.

Andrea Helfrich

trained as a media consultant, energy therapist, grief and dying companion, ILP coach (ILP - International solution-oriented psychology) and in mediation.
Andrea has the gift of clairvoyance and perceives people's blockages. Her heartfelt concern is to bring the blockages into consciousness so that the healing energy can work on the soul level. She supports Martin by holding the healing field with him.

Marting G Armbruster_Paaruebung.jpg

Male & Female Aspects

As a team of masculine and feminine energies, Martin and Andrea give you easier access to yours male and female aspects. This provides you with optimal support in letting go of archetypal themes. For more harmony and balance.

This means you always have a female and male hand at your side, who will carefully accompany you through the transformation process and hold you if necessary.

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