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Welcome Dear Soul,

How nice that we meet now,

looking forward to further development, transformation and a better quality of life!

Spiritual Coaching

My Path Into the Light

My whole life, with all my experiences and training, has taught me one essential thing: My deepest wish is to accompany and support souls in their development and to help them live an easier and more fulfilling life.

I make all of my skills and talents available for this purpose.

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Image by Bruno Kelzer
Leichtigkeit und Freude durch Kundalini-Shakti-Meditationen - Image by Paul Talbot

Are you longing for more Happyness and Joy?

Are you frequently experiencing tension, depression, sadness, or exhaustion without knowing the cause? Do you find that everything has become overwhelming and burdensome?

Do you long for the energy and joy of life that you once had? You may have tried various methods, trainers, and coaches without seeing the desired improvement. At this point, you might be questioning if there is a viable path for change, one that can propel you forward quickly and purposefully.

Transformation is possible through a deliberate connection to the divine. This is a path of change that you can embark on with me. It's a cause that's close to my heart.


Kundalini-Shakti Meditation

Kundalini Shakti is a transformative energy, more specifically a divine vibrational frequency and is also referred to as divine light. This non-physical light can be experienced very easily via the five or sixth senses.


During the Shaktipat meditation, with my support, the source will be opened up for you, allowing transformative light to dissolve your blockages, traumas, and deep-seated impressions. This will facilitate your personal and energetic growth, leading to a life filled with more joy, vitality, and ease.

Gezielte Transformation durch Kundalini-Shakti-Meditationen

Your Transformation Tools

You have various options to choose from for your further development and the replacement of your topics.

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One on one

Transformative Kundalini Shakti meditations in the group

Kundalini Shakti meditations in the group
online & on site

Martin G. Armbruster Weekend Workshops Kundalini Shaktipat

Kundalini Shaktipat workshops

Martin G. Armbruster Transformation Weeks in Germany and Spain

Transformation weeks in Germany & Spain

In person or online in the form of a coaching conversation or as a shared transformative Shakti meditation or a combination of both.

In person at various locations in Germany and Switzerland.
As well as online every Thursday and Sunday at 8 p.m. via Zoom.

In person from Friday evening to Sunday evening at various locations in Germany. An intensive weekend for your further development.

A whole week just for you and your further development in Germany and Spain. Particularly suitable for everyone who wants to make rapid progress and combine their transformation with a vacation.

Martin G. Armbruster kostenlose Online Meditation zum Ausprobieren.
Martin G. Armbruster online meditation on Thursdays and Sundays at 8 p.m

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Get to know Shakti meditation without any obligation. Experience the changing experience yourself in the comfortable ambience of your home - conveniently via Zoom meeting.

Your first online Shaktipat meditation

free of charge!

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NEU: Erfahrungsaustausch

Wenn Du neue Erfahrungen machen möchtest, kannst Du ab sofort auf der neuen Seite "Erfahrungen | Austausch" an meinen teilhaben.

Ich bin interessiert, informiere mich stetig und mache mir am liebsten ein eigenes Bild von den Dingen, die mir begegnen. Geht es Dir genauso?

Dann gefällt Dir diese Inspirations-Seite bestimmt, die ich nach und nach mit unterschiedlichsten Erfahrungsberichten füllen werde.


Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei mein ganzheitliches Wohlbefinden und, wie ich es fördern kann.
Sharing is caring ...
Viel Freude damit.


It is difficult to put into words what happens during the Shaktipat meditations. It's best to listen to what participants have experienced and, what changed afterwards.

Ute from Baden-Württemberg

Ute, who has had asthma for over 40 years, reports on her experiences, the special impact of Martin G. Armbruster's work and the dramatic improvement in her health within just two months. For Ute, her life is now absolutely worth living again.

Anne from Hesse

Anne was able to resolve the traumas that deeply burdened and restricted her life with online coaching. She experienced this type of trauma resolution as very easy and simple. Within a very short time, the change occurred towards a happy life, free from her traumatic experience.

Sabine from Baden-Württemberg

Sabine describes her experiences with Martin's coaching and Shaktipat meditations in comparison to sessions with well-known healers. She is impressed by the precise resolution of limiting and painful issues. She is also enthusiastic about how simple and uncomplicated it works as an online session. The relief is immediate for her.

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Shaktipat mit Martin G. Armbruster


awakens the energy and power (Kundalini) that lies dormant within you and makes the divine light resting in the chakras shine.

"Anyone who is seriously looking for peace and happiness can achieve the highest goal with Shaktipat. Whenever we have taken part in a weekend, we have felt very comfortable and observed noticeable changes afterwards.
It is very valuable, especially in this day and age, to have a space for retreat, calm and inner healing.
Martin, many thanks to you!"

Jenny & Jürgen P.

"With Shaktipat, new doors open. Here, in devotion, I experience divine light and love, healing, bliss, inner peace, a high vibration, a deep connection and gratitude. Consciousness increases, life force increases and things change positive in life. Every session (individual, group online and on site) is a wonderful gift! A lot happens during the weekend workshops. It's like coming home, wonderful things happen, filled with light and love.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Martin, and I would be happy to recommend you!"

Ulrike Z.

“Martin G. Armbruster and Andrea Helfrich offer highly recommended weekend workshops. Unexpected, always new and with high intensity, the workshops create an ideal framework for real liberation to happen. What is required is openness to allow healing. The greater your dedication, the more profound the results. I was able to experience a lot of liberation - physically, psychologically and on a spiritual level.”

Martin G.

"I would never have imagined how much can change in three months through regular online Shaktipat meditations and attending weekend workshops. And I haven't tried everything. I even flew to Peru. I can't do it put into words how grateful I am."

Sabine Ursula G.
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