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Everything Real is given and received in Silence.
Alles Wahrhaftige wird in Stille gegeben und empfangen.

Avatar Meher Baba

The path to you and a life worth living


There are countless paths to a happy, fulfilled life and also to enlightenment. These paths are as different as the people who take them. One part of the way is action and the other is receiving (grace). How much you receive depends on many factors. Differences often lie in how quickly and purposefully you can dissolve old baggage and trauma and leave it behind.

Spiritual practices, the so-called Sadhanas, are techniques for achieving enlightenment, also known as self-realization.

One of those techniques that aims at this goal very directly is Shaktipat Meditation, as well as the 108 ways of yoga and IDOGO® Chi Kung. These are the Sadhanas of my choice. After trying out many different effective practices, they are an integral part of my daily routine and the support that I offer you for an easier, more conscious life.

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Shaktipat for your Further & Your immediate development


With the help of spiritual practices, your consciousness continually increases. Your meridians, your energy pathways in the body and finally yours also openChakras are what the energy centers in your body are called.

Shaktipat is a particularly effective method for releasing so-called impressions (karmas) from past lives, making your soul increasingly free. During Shaktipat, your astral body connects with your subconscious and the impressions from past lives stored in the astral body enter the subconscious and from there into your physical body, then they rise and finally leave it.


In this way, these karmas do not come into effect and do not have to be lived through as an experience. At the same time, your energy system is supplied with significant life force (Shakti, Chi, Ki, Prana, Spirit of God), which gradually cleanses your chakras and opens the energy pathways in the body - also called meridians or nadis.

Shaktipat to awaken 
Your Kundalini

As soon as your consciousness has reached a certain height, your Kundalini is activated by divine love and the first of four petals of the root chakra opens. From this moment on, the Kundalini continues its work, both during and outside of Shaktipat, ultimately leading to your full enlightenment (Self-Realization) in this or a future life.


How long this process of increasing consciousness lasts depends on various factors such as the number, density and how serious the stored impressions are. What is also relevant is, among other things, how deep your devotion is when transforming and how great the grace is that you receive. The preparation time for the opening of Kundalini is estimated to be 2 to 7 years on average.

If a person is ready, Kundalini can be awakened by pure divine grace. This is a natural process to which there is no right and which cannot be forced.


If you are blessed with the opening of Kundalini, it brings with it significant, positive influences. Your entire life improves, and very quickly. Body, mind and soul gain increasing strength throughout development up to self-realization.
It is of great importance that this process is accompanied by an experienced, initiated and knowledgeable person.

Then miracles can become your reality.

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The phenomenon of awakening is known and described in many cultures. In Taoism this special force is called Neikung, the circulating light, in Tibet as Tummo, the inner fire, and in Christianity as the mystical fire. In India this special energy is called Kundalini.
There are different paths to enlightenment. Above all, they differ in how efficient or safe they are.

The literature contains many examples of climbing too quickly or incorrectly, which can cause significant physical and psychological pain. Therefore, it is extremely important to have an experienced spiritual director or teacher. In India, these teachers are usually referred to as gurus, which literally means "the one who leads to the light" - Gu for "darkness" and Ru for "light".

On the way into the light you can experience countless signs and wonders, during which you become more and more conscious and can perceive more and more of it.

Image by Andrew Bui

Insights for a Deeper Understanding

This video will help you discover details of life, which is essentially a journey of consciousness, and gain a deeper understanding of the connections. It explains the reasons and purpose of our existence, the goal of life, and practical methods to achieve the goal.

You will learn how Kundalini is awakened through the powerful process of Shaktipat.

Please enjoy.

Important to know; not everything you hear or read in connection with the enlightenment process is ultimately true.
The great sages taught the most important teachings solely through their silent presence, which is beyond time and space. Only when the disciples failed to receive it, immerse themselves in it, and dissolve in it, did the realized masters teach orally or through the written word.

Everything Real is given and received in Silence.
Avatar Meher Baba

The aim of such sayings is to lead you back to this stillness, to the infinite consciousness, the self which is God (self-realization).

The words are just a vehicle, not the true substance.

I invite you, theto practice daily connection with the universal light. And I would be happy if I could accompany you on your first and further profound, life-changing spiritual experiences.

Through your dedication, miracles become reality!

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

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Avatar Meher Baba

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