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Martin G. Armbruster

Spiritual Coach

I am Martin G. Armbruster, a spiritual coach from Winterthur, Switzerland. I guide individuals on their journey to greater joy, lightness, and vitality through spiritual coaching discussions, one-on-one sessions, and powerful Kundalini Shakti meditations, which can also be done online.


My passion lies in facilitating personal and energetic growth, and I am committed to supporting others in their pursuit of a more joyful, vibrant, and carefree life.

Martin G. Armbruster - Spiritual coaching for your further development

It is God I am serving through this physical instrument.



Es ist Gott, dem ich durch dieses physische Instrument diene.

Avatar Meher Baba

My focus is on resolving issues, traumas, blockages and self-sabotage programs that make your life difficult and emotionally draining. Through the intensive Shaktipat meditations, profound transformations will take place that will change your life for the better, bringing more joy and harmony into your life.

Key - Moments

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A key moment in my life was the physical encounter with my Guruji, in Delhi, a few years ago. With his wisdom and support, I deepen my connection with the light and draw from an incredible wealth of experience.

A true source of infinite light!

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


Over the last two decades I have successfully completed numerous training courses and workshops, including acupressure, shamanism, mediumship, spiritual healing, Chi Kung, martial arts, yoga and Filipino healing knowledge.

But the turning point came with my Indian teacher, my Guruji. Now I combine a broad knowledge and understanding of ancient traditions and healing methods and use them individually and in a contemporary manner according to your needs.

"Everything in future will improve
if you are making a spiritual effort now."

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Sri Sri Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri

What I can tell you about Guruji at this point is that he already had very strong abilities as a child and he was trained by several spiritual masters. His Guruji then connected him with Avatar Meher Baba. Avatar Meher Baba, a spiritual master from India, taught unconditional love, compassion and non-attachment. Guruji had an extraordinary samadhi experience with Avatar Meher Baba, which confirmed to him that it was his destiny to spread this message of divine consciousness on his behalf.

A highly respected spiritual teacher, Guruji has for many years helped spread Avatar Meher Baba's teachings on self-knowledge, spiritual discipline and loving attitude towards all living beings. His love inspires people worldwide to embark on their spiritual journey and strive for inner fulfillment, peace and enlightenment.

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Ready to start your journey?

Let us walk together on the path to your personal and energetic growth and immerse your life in a new, divine light!

Source Self-Realization Fellowship

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