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Intensive Transformation Week

How about dedicating a whole week to your being and your development?  An intensive development because you stay on the ball for a whole week. Everything is taken care of and you can just let go completely. In a wonderful atmosphere in the Allgäu or on the Costa Brava in Spain.

Intensive Transformation Week (Shaktipat)

The Internsiv Transformation weeks are designed for all those who know how intense a weekend workshop is and how much the energy and vibration frequency increases over the weekend. And how well you can then get to deeper-seated issues and resolve them. The central concern here is to take advantage of this special opportunity when the luminous energy builds up over several days. The opportunity for your personal development has a wonderful potential for removing your old burdens, blockages, etc. for an easy, carefree and happy life.

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Program | Sequence

We start on Saturday with centering exercises that create the necessary distance from everyday life in order to fully arrive at you.

We start the next few days in the morning with particularly helpful and effective exercises. They prepare you perfectly to raise your vibration and supply you with energy, chi, ki, prana or light. This is an important preparation for getting to grips with old and deeply rooted injuries and changing them.

In the subsequent transformation sessions, knowledge and techniques from Chi Kung, yoga, pranayama, shamanism, mediality and spiritual healing are incorporated. A well-founded, ancient, mystical treasure of knowledge awaits you, which will be translated for you into our time and modern language. As a result, you will quickly become brighter and more powerful and can free yourself from your previous baggage and begin with self-empowerment.

Ideally, the program is individually tailored to you and the group. According to the principle of attraction, a suitable group always comes together. Accordingly, we tailor the program specifically to your needs and the respective pace. For this reason, there is no classic timetable.

On average, the daily program lasts 5 to 7 hours:

Special evening offer - go with the flow
For those who want to go even further, there is an offer to delve even deeper after dinner. This is your opportunity to reach even more into your heart, your self-love and achieve more clarity. Like everything, this is entirely at your discretion.

Total transformation week compensation: € 1'250 to be paid in advance.

Transformation Week in Allgäu

The Transformation Week in Bad Grönenbach, Allgäu, will take place twice a year. 
One week in spring and one in autumn.

Dates & Ticketing

Transformation Week in Spain

We found a very special place for the Transformation Week in Spain. A charming seafront hotel with great views. The coast of the Costa Bravo is very attractive, as is the town of Platja D' Aro and the accommodation Cap Roig. Platja D' Aro is very easy to reach via Barcelona and Girona airports.
Barcelona airport is just under 120 km from the hotel. And the smaller Girona airport, which is served by Ryanair, is only 35 km away.

​We have now created the opportunity for you to participate online in the Intensive Transformation Week in Spain three times! A very special opportunity. More in the link.

Dates & Ticketing

What is YOUR Intention?

At the request of many participants in the weekend workshops, we are now also offering these intensive weeks. Because everyone who has experienced how liberating a weekend can have on their quality of life doesn't want to go home on Sunday evening.
Everyone would much rather advance their development at this high level of energy and vibration.


Well, it's up to you which steps you want to take towards your future and a fulfilling, easier life. Larger ones or initially cautious, exploratory smaller ones such as a first meditation on site or online. As always, it is your choice as to where the journey should go. Andrea and I are happy to make ourselves available for this.

That's why we're all particularly looking forward to this extraordinarily heart-opening event
and transformative experience.

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Your Team

Martin G. Armbruster leads and carries out the mediations on site and is actively supported by Andrea Helfrich. An ideal team of masculine and feminine energies.

They address the male and female parts of you and support you in letting go of archetypal issues.

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