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Overnight accommodation options

To make it easier for you to organize the weekend workshops and transformation weeks, you will find links to accommodation options near the various event locations here.


Unfortunately, the smaller communities have no or only a few guesthouses and hotels on their websites. In these cases, it is best to use the usual booking systems for hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments.


You can find conveniently located hotel rooms in Winterthur at Ibis.

Bad Grönenbach

You can find guest houses, guest houses, holiday apartments and hotels on the municipality's website.
Event address:
Goldsmith Ruth Steffny, Silcherstr. 15,
D-87730 Bad Grönenbach

Eutingen in the Gäu

You can find accommodation near the event location via the municipality's business directory. Sort there by “Gastronomy”.

Event address:
Parish hall, Ortsstraße 60, D-72184 Eutingen im Gäu


You can find accommodation options near the event location using the link below.

Event address:
Village community center, Ronneburgstr. 11, D-63694 Limeshain/Himbach


The summer event takes place in Jennys & Jürgen's garden.
Event address:
Jenny's & Jürgen Pflumm, Hohenzollernstrasse 53,
D-72415 Grosselfingen.

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